Clarkson's Farm producer Andy Wilman reveals why team were 'nervous' about series three

Virgin Radio

2 May 2024, 15:18

Jeremy Clarkson smiling on his farm with Kaleb Cooper

Credit: Prime Video

Clarkson’s Farm producer Andy Wilman has opened up about why the team behind the beloved series were “nervous” ahead of making series three.

Speaking at a screening of some episodes from the show’s third season, Wilman introduced the programme by admitting unlike with some reality TV shows “where they go ‘We’ll sign up and do 10 series of x and y,’... there is no plan for this series.”

As a result, the team behind Clarkson’s Farm were originally “a bit nervous about three” as they weren’t sure if they could find a way to match series two’s “incredible” story arc, which saw Jeremy fighting the council to get Diddly Squat Farm’s onsite restaurant open.

However, in the end Wilman said series three has managed to top the drama of series two to become the show’s “best series” yet. “It’s incredibly rich in content, there’s a lot going on,” he teased. “There are new characters, and there is a lot of emotion in it, more emotion than I think we’ve ever seen [in the show so far].”

Series three will see Jeremy and Lisa go up against the council once more in an attempt to challenge a harsh ruling against the farm’s new restaurant and farm shop. The show will also introduce Andy Cato, the Groove Armada musician, as a new friend about the farm.

However, the main stars of series three will be Jeremy’s new additions to the farm - the pigs. Speaking during a Q&A about the series, Clarkson explained how he’s “always liked pigs” and therefore always fancied the idea of owning some.

“My mother used to buy me toy pigs every Christmas and birthday,” the Grand Tour star explained. “I’ve always been fond of pigs and thought it would be fun to have them.”

Clarkson’s Farm episodes 1-4 will be released on Prime Video Friday, 3rd May. Episodes 5-8 will be released a week later on Friday 10th May.