Fans react as Jerry Seinfeld 'digs' at sitcom Friends for 'stealing his characters'

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2 May 2024, 15:40

Fans react as Jerry Seinfeld 'digs' at sitcom Friends for 'stealing his characters'

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Unfrosted star Jerry Seinfeld has sent sitcom fans into a spin by mocking 90s classic Friends in the teaser for his upcoming movie.

The comedian and director can be seen in the promo clip referring to 'trademark infringement' and name-dropping the classic sitcom.

During the clip, Seinfeld is in a meeting with fictional Pop-Tarts president, Kelman P. Gasworth, and is accused of copyright.

Gasworth asks: “Are you familiar with the concept of trademark infringement?”

He continues: “You see Mr. Seinfeld, you took something of ours, and now we’re going to take something of yours. Show him, Tarty.”


Credit: Netflix

Seinfeld actors Ali Wentworth, Phil Morris and Larry Thomas then appear. The star responds: “Schmoopie, Jackie Chiles and the Soup Nazi! My characters!”

“Tell me, how does it feel when people steal your ideas and then do whatever they want with them?” he's asked.

Seinfeld mocks: “You mean like Friends?”

Seinfeld was based on stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld 'wrestling with life's most perplexing yet trivial questions with his eccentric friends George, Elaine and Kramer' and aired for nine seasons on NBC between 1989 and 1998. Similarly, Friends followed 'the lives of six reckless adults living in Manhattan, as they indulged in adventures which made their lives both troublesome and happening'.

The comedy movie about the creation of Pop-Tarts also stars Hugh Grant, Melissa McCarthy, Max Greenfield, Amy Schumer, Peter Dinklage, Christian Slater, James Marsden and Dan Levy.

Fans commented: "I always thought FRIENDS was a rip-off.

A second agreed: "'You mean like Friends?' Amazing."

A third disagreed: "What idea did Friends steal? The idea of friends interacting isn’t copyrighted Jerry."

"The biggest dig I’ve heard in a long while 'You mean like Friends?'” wrote a fourth.

Another added: "Been saying it since the first episode, Friends and NBC just took the whole premise from Seinfeld... and loved when George and Jerry referenced it on their show when they were writing the Jerry sitcom."


Credit: Netflix

Working as a director for the first time, Seinfeld told GQ previously: "It was totally new to me. I thought I had done some cool stuff, but it was nothing like the way these people work. They’re so dead serious! They don’t have any idea that the movie business is over. They have no idea."

He explained: "Film doesn’t occupy the pinnacle in the social, cultural hierarchy that it did for most of our lives. When a movie came out, if it was good, we all went to see it. We all discussed it. We quoted lines and scenes we liked. Now we’re walking through a fire hose of water, just trying to see.

"Disorientation replaced the movie business. Everyone I know in show business, every day, is going, ‘What’s going on? How do you do this? What are we supposed to do now?’"

Unfrosted drops on Netflix on May 3.