The Fall Guy producer admits she 'shed tears' watching Ryan Gosling do death-defying stunts

Virgin Radio

2 May 2024, 11:41

Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy

Credit: Rex / Universal Pictures

The team behind The Fall Guy almost found the stress of putting Hollywood A-lister Ryan Gosling in some dangerous stunts too much to bear. 

The high-octane comedy-drama is based on the 1980s TV show of the same name, and stars iconic actor Ryan as ageing stuntman Colt Seavers. 

There are plenty of dangerous stunts that Colt (and Ryan’s brave stuntmen) get involved in, including one which broke the Guinness World Record for the most car rolls in movie history

While showing a lot of love to the brave stunt people of Hollywood, The Fall Guy did also allow Gosling to try his hand at some of the death-defying action, but not without some bosses on set watching behind their hands. 

Speaking to at The Fall Guy Special Screening in London, director David Leitch spoke about the “nerves” of watching one of biggest names in entertainment being strapped to a high-wire harness. He explained: “You always are nervous with any stunts, even if it's your friends doing a stunt. But we do everything we can to make it safe and you put the protocols in place and you rehearse and rehearse and rehearse.

“Ryan is so athletic and really game for it, it was actually great to put him in those positions,” he continued. 

It’s a good thing director David was so relaxed about it as producer Kelly McCormick was less chilled out during the filming process. 

She told us: “Though I trusted the rigs, I definitely shed several tears watching Ryan 15 stories high, knowing that he had done the work and knowing the team was really safe. 

“It's still an amazing and beautiful thing that he trusted the teams and he was willing to do that because that's really scary.”

Ryan himself wasn’t exactly thrilled about taking part in some of the more dangerous scenes. When asked how many stunts he did in the film, he told us: “I tried not to do any of them! But I did a couple.”

The Barbie star explained: “They dropped me off a 12-storey building, and then dragged me across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. But the very cool stuff was done by our stunt team. You know, like the records were broken for most car rolls in a film. [Stunt double] Ben Jenkins, every-time he was set on fire... all of the cool parkour stuff is him. It took a big team to make one Fall Guy." 

The Fall Guy is out in cinemas now.