Welcome to Wrexham’s Humphrey Ker on schooling Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney about football culture

Virgin Radio

2 May 2024, 10:07

Humphrey Ker and Ryan Tubridy in the Virgin Radio studio

Credit: Virgin Radio

Humphrey Ker popped into the Virgin Radio studio on Wednesday (1st May) to talk all things Welcome to Wrexham.

While speaking with Ryan Tubridy on his mid-morning show, the good friend of Wrexham AFC owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney opened up about his role in schooling the Canadian-American pair on all things football during their first year as owners of the club.

“One of the reasons [Rob and Ryan] wanted me involved to start off with was that I was a huge football fan and a British person, and in that regard had a bit of a head start on them, in terms of what the culture of a football club might be,” the actor and writer explained.

In order to try and make sure Rob and Ryan’s transition into becoming Wrexham’s new co-owners went as smoothly as possible, Ker advised the pair on how not to make certain football-related faux pas which might turn the cautiously suspicious Wrexham fans completely against them.

“At the start they kept saying ‘The Wrexham Red Dragons’ when they would refer to Wrexham,” the club's executive director recalled. “I had to be like: ‘Lads, we don’t do that here. It’s one or the other.’

“I understood why, because [they] think of the Philadelphia Eagles… but what I said to Rob was ‘It’s like you’re saying - the Eagles’ nickname is The Birds, ‘Go Birds’ - it’s like you’re saying ‘The Philadelphia Eagles, Birds!’’”

Three years on from Rob and Ryan’s Wrexham takeover, Ker is now proud to admit “that side” of his role in the Wrexham team “is much less prevalent” because the pair are now so familiar with football. Today, Ker's role is more permanently focused on being Rob and Ryan's "representative on Earth" when they're unable to be in Wrexham themselves, he joked.

Teasing what fans can expect from season three of the club’s inspiring Welcome to Wrexham documentary series, the executive producer revealed series three would go “deeper” behind the scenes of club life. Especialy focus will be given at taking a look at the additional pressures playing in a new division (EFL 2) brought to Wrexham’s players’ dressing room doors.

Welcome to Wrexham series three’s first two episodes are out now on DIsney+.