The Idea of You star Nicholas Galitzine opens up about the ‘gruelling’ journey to becoming a boy band sensation

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2 May 2024, 08:39

Nicholas Galitzine, Nicholas with 'August Moon' in The Idea of You

Credit: Rex

Nicholas Galitzine has dished the details about becoming a true boy band icon for his new rom-com The Idea of You. 

The Purple Hearts actor transforms into pop superstar Hayes Campbell for the new Prime Video flick, which is out today (2nd May). Hayes is part of fictional boy band called August Moon, which boasts a following similar to what you might see from the likes of One Direction. 

In The Idea Of You, based on the best-selling novel by Robinne Lee, Anne Hathaway stars as single mum Solène, who meets Hayes by chance while taking her daughter to Californian music festival Coachella. The fated couple decide to meet up in secret before starting their passionate love affair. 

Nicholas’ role wasn't just to sweep Hathaway off her feet, but he also had to embody the life of a pop star, and perform in front of screaming fans as part of August Moon. It turns out living your best Harry Styles-esque life isn’t as easy as it looks.

Speaking to, Nicholas dished about filming the massive Coachella performance scenes, and shared how acting as a supreme pop star on one of the biggest stages in music became a “gruelling” process. 

The Max and George actor explained: “Those Coachella scenes were great in selling the fact that [Hayes is] a popstar. We had these amazing extras who came along and gave so much energy at 3am in the morning in Atlanta in the winter. 

“They knew all the words, they had their favourites in the boyband already, we were really thankful that they showed up for us.”

Not only did Nicholas have to get into the mindset of a pop star, but he also had to dance like one too, and that’s when the preparations turned up a notch. 

He added: “It was a pretty gruelling few weeks before production and trying to get as much of the choreography into my body as possible.”

Meanwhile, co-star Anne recently opened up about the age gap between her 40-year-old character and 24-year-old Hayes, and insisted The Idea of You won’t skirt around the hot topic. 

She shared on The Today Show in the US: “It’s kind of fun to be in a film where we talk about it, where we don’t dance around it, but we actually embrace her point of view on it.

“It’s funny, it’s OK if 40 is old, it’s OK if 40 isn’t old, it’s OK whatever it is, because it’s personal. For Solène, her point of view is, you know, she became a mum really young and she really wanted to have a career and so she doesn’t totally identify with her age.”

Anne also admitted Solène had “done things a little bit out of order” and actually her 40s are a time of “self-discovery”.

“And that’s what the movie says,” she continued. “How wonderful that she finds someone that she feels so supported by, seen by, embraced by, valued by.

The Idea of You is out on Prime Video now.