‘Wonderful’ and ‘lovely’ Race Across the World duo emerge as fan-favourites

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2 May 2024, 08:14

Credit: BBC

Episode four of the new series of Race Across the World saw the teams start in Cambodia and attempt to travel through Thailand toward the fourth checkpoint. And the relationship of one certain pair seriously impressed viewers.

Young pals Alfie and Owen’s friendship is causing fans to root for them in series four of the hit BBC show

In last night’s episode (1st May), the two 20-year-olds spent some time in Thailand's Khao Yai National Park, and shared a touching moment. Owen, a trainee pilot, said to camera: “Three or four years ago I wouldn't have been able to do this, when I was younger I just didn't like who I was. What triggered it was the transition from primary to secondary school. I feel like that just brought up some emotion in me that I couldn’t shift. I just worried about everything. I was at my lowest, and the main support I had was my parents. They were always there, always worrying for me, and that made me feel even worse sometimes.” Owen then broke down in tears and turned away from the camera.

Alife then checks on his mate, asking: “You good?”. 

Owen replies: “I’m fine until I talk about it.” 

Speaking directly to camera again later, Owen said: “Throughout school,  when I was having my struggles, Alfie supported me, he would always listen to me, give me a different perspective. We'd just do something together and it would take my mind off it, and he know that."

Alfie said: "Owen is a product of his parents. They’ve done an unbelievable job and that's what I aspire to be, high-level parenting produces people like Owen, and that's what the world needs."

Last week, Alfie spoke about his mother, who died of breast cancer when he was five.

Fans took to social media to comment on the pair of mates, with one writing: “Alfie and Owen should be feeling very proud of themselves with how they look after, care, support each other and just are proud to be best mates! Go boys!!!”

Another added: “If I ever have sons, I'll be very proud if they turn out as wonderful as Alfie & Owen 👏🏻”

Someone else wrote: “Alfie and Owen are such lovely lads, they should be proud of themselves. I'm a bit worried they didn't show them arriving at the hotel. I hope they are still in the race, I'd love them to win.”

Another fan wrote: “I think this is actually one of my fave shows, so wholesome and love seeing the relationships between people and the amazing scenery too obvs. Alfie and Owen all the way!!!”

Race Across The World continues Wednesday nights on BBC One at 9pm and BBC iPlayer.