Hannah Waddingham reveals how Game Of Thrones nun role led to Ted Lasso casting

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24 Apr 2024, 15:35

Credit: Apple TV and HBO

Hannah Waddingham had one of the most memorable moments in Game Of Thrones when she played the 'shame nun' of Septa Unella, with a catchphrase many remember.

Who would have thought that the role of the terrifying character would have led to Hannah being cast in the much-loved Ted Lasso.

After all, the characters really couldn't be more different.

She played Rebecca Welton, who was the owner of the AFC Richmond football club.

Rebecca went on to star in in all three seasons of Ted Lasso, after her role as Septa Unella caused Game Of Thrones creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss to put a good word in for her.

She impressed them so much with her performance and work ethic that she persuaded the bosses to email on her behalf.

Hannah told the Today show:“I got David Benioff and Dan Weiss to write an email to the powers that be. The subject was, ‘What are we even discussing here?’. It was such a beautiful, quiet, genuine endorsement of, ‘Let the girl play.’”

It comes after she opened up about how "traumatic" it was filming some of the scenes for Game Of Thrones.

Ted Lasso show was a runaway success, and Hannah won the hearts of many fans and has gone on to host Eurovision.

She was also the Christmas advert queen of 2023.