'It's genuine reality TV' - Jeremy Clarkson hits out at Clarkson's Farm critics ahead of series 3

Virgin Radio

24 Apr 2024, 15:56

Jeremy Clarkson on Clarkson's Farm

Credit: Prime Video

Jeremy Clarkson has insisted his beloved series, Clarkson’s Farm, is as real as it comes. 

Series three of the massively popular reality series will land as a two-parter, kicking off with Part 1 on 3rd May, with Part 2 dropping on 10th May. 

Clarkson’s Farm documents the Grand Tour host's dream of running a working farm in the Cotswolds, and this series has quite the rollercoaster of emotions - from hilarious competitions between Jeremy and fan-favourite farmer Kaleb Cooper, to death of animals, team injuries, and worries over planning permission and flooding.

While fans of Clarkson are very used to the bright lights of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? set or Top Gear, Clarkson’s Farm is a raw and unfiltered look at life in agriculture, and according to the star himself, the series is “genuine reality television”. 

Speaking during a Q+A with virginradio.co.uk and other press, Jeremy explained: “It’s not hosted by somebody in purple spectacles with a zany jacket, it's absolutely real. What you see actually happens, and none of it is planned. 

Contrasting it to the glossy production of driving travel series The Grand Tour where “everything was planned”, the broadcaster elaborated: “Nothing is planned on this, I have no script. Every single day when we meet to do filming, every day we'll have a vague idea of what we need to do.”

Seems like there’s good news for Clarkson’s Farm fans too as he confirmed they’re “doing season four now” and the reality of life on Diddly Squat farm will continue.

“I'll need to redraw that field because I did it wrong the first time and I need to do this and I need to do that,” he added. “So we'll move on tomorrow to do that. I can guarantee we'll end up doing something completely different because the weather will have changed or some fence will have fallen down or whatever it might be, and you never, ever know what you're going to do in farming, never.”

The official synopsis for Clarkson’s Farm season three reads as follows: “The third series of Clarkson’s Farm finds Diddly Squat Farm facing some seriously daunting challenges. The crops are failing in the severe hot weather, inflation has driven prices of supplies sky high, dreams for the beloved restaurant are dashed and now the farm shop also faces closure.”

It continues: “Jeremy urgently needs to come up with creative new ways of making ends meet, so hatches a plan to turn a profit from hundreds of acres of unfarmed land - thick woodland and hedgerows that make up half of Diddly Squat. This triggers an avalanche of Clarkson-crafted schemes, involving everything from goats and pigs to mushrooms, nettles and deer.

“Someone new arrives to Diddly Squat, which puts Kaleb's nose out of joint - as well as the returning characters all working to help Jeremy’s farming ambitions come to fruition.”

Clarkson’s Farm Part 1 will drop on Prime Video on Friday, 3rd May. Part 2 will drop Friday, 10th May.