Josh Widdicombe and Nish Kumar spill on Hold the Front Page series two's most 'bizarre' experiences

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24 Apr 2024, 09:46

Nish Kumar, Josh Widdicombe

Credit: Getty / Sky

Things will get even wilder on Hold The Front Page series two, according to its stars Josh Widdicombe and Nish Kumar. 

The comedic pair are back experiencing the highs, lows and every mad moment in between of local journalism, all to find real stories strong enough to make the front page.

Series two kicks off on Sky Max and NOW tonight (24th April) and while chatting exclusively to, Nish and Josh dished on their craziest experiences while filming the latest episodes.

“I’d say the most crazy things that happened to us, I'd say having to take part in a Christian wrestling match,” Josh teased, while Nish added: “Almost everything that happened to us and Benidorm. Let's say that for the sake of this conversation, we're excluding Benidorm because everything that happened in Benidorm was absolutely bizarre.”

While insisting that “everything that happens in Benidorm, stays in Benidorm”, the hilarious pair were also “out of their depth” for the hi-jinks that awaited them.

“Once you've done all these things, you realise that being a local journalist is…you are thrust from strange situation to other strange situation in quick succession,” Josh continued. 

Series one of Hold The Front Page was equally full of unforgettable moments, and saw the stand-up stars try their hand at everything, from visiting the Emmerdale set to interviewing former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Speaking of crazy experiences, you’d think Josh and Nish would be well versed in hairbrained ideas after they both experienced beloved comedy series Taskmaster.

Josh appeared in the very first series of the Channel 4 competition series, while Nish followed in series five. 

Sharing their favourite memories of Taskmaster - and the ones they wish they could forget - with, Nish recalled: “Trying to kick a basketball through a hoop for 45 minutes of my life is something I will struggle to live down, I imagine.”

Meanwhile Josh shared that what’s stayed in his mind are the tasks which he was forced to complete all by himself. “I suppose I’m haunted by the fact that they made me count a tin of beans, implying that everyone else would do it,” Josh shared, referencing how he faced the very first of the now regular series occurrence in which one of the show’s contestants faces a unique ordeal from the Taskmaster.

“I came back for the Champions of Champions and they made me sing the theme tune, and it was the same trick again,” the comedian added, with an amusingly defeated tone.

Hold the Front Page Series 2 airs on Sky Max and NOW from today (Wednesday, 24th April).