Bridgerton's Adjoa Andoh gushes about working with Vigil's Anjli Mohindra in The Red King

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24 Apr 2024, 08:56

Adjoa Andoh, Anjli Mohindra

Credit: Getty

Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh is back on the small screen for new TV drama The Red King, and the actress only has love for her co-stars, including Vigil star Anjli Mohindra. 

The Lady Danbury star is in the “weird” and “scary” drama, which begins airing on Alibi tonight (24th April). Adjoa plays another Lady, Lady Heather Nancarrow, opposite Anjli, who plays police sergeant Grace Narayan. The crime-fighter is relocated to the tiny yet mysterious island of St Jory and becomes embroiled in the case of a missing local child.

Speaking exclusively with about the new mystery series (in addition to her upcoming turn in Bridgerton season three), Adjoa revealed how actress Anjli “led from the front” as the lead actor, and praised her co-star for “setting the tone beautifully.”

Adjoa explained: “If they say, ‘can you throw yourself into the bush?’ She'll say ‘yes, how many times do you want me to hit that mark, or that one?. She won't say ‘Oh, my God, I'm not doing that’. She's up for everything. She brings cake. She remembers people's birthdays. She's funny. 

“She's sort of got a very northern dry sense of humour about her. And she's kind, so quite an annoying human being really,” she joked. 

Adjoa couldn’t help but gush about her entire cast too, which includes Marc Warren as Dr Ian Prideaux, Cuckoo’s Jill Halfpenny as Ann Fletcher and James Bamford as Owen Parry. 

“They got together the nicest cast that you could have had,” Adjoa added. “We're all still in a WhatsApp group and that’s with the crew. It was a good old team.

“We did it all in Northumbria. So the location was ridiculous, to die for. I was happy every day. Which is not always the case!”

Discussing the series as a whole, Adjoa confessed The Red King is a “weird combination of horror, crimey crime and comedy.”

 “I love love love the story of the show,” she said, heaping praise about her “maternally controlling” character who remains “in charge” of the island, no matter what Grace tries to do.

“[Lady Nancarrow]’s trying to keep a lid on everything, because that’s what you do when you’re in charge of the council,” Andoh continued, warning: “She is like the lady of the manor, so she wants everything tidy and sorted and in her control, and when it isn’t all in her control, she doesn’t do well with that.”

The Red King will begin airing on Alibi tonight (Wednesday, 24th April) at 9pm.