Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone reveal how rivalry helped their careers

Virgin Radio

24 Apr 2024, 08:21

Credit: Getty

They are two of the biggest names in Hollywood, and it turns out that “competition” between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone was “very helpful” for both of their careers.

The action heroes have both starred in massive blockbusters across sparkling careers, and in a new interview together, they have spoken about how they spurred each other on. Terminator star Schwarzenegger said of Stallone: “There’s no two ways about that: He was very helpful in my career because I had something that I could chase.”

The Rocky actor agreed, saying that when Arnie came along: “I was like finally, something to motivate me. Because he is, dare I say it, competition, a threat, whatever word you wanna use."

He continued: “As soon as I saw him it was like bang, two alphas hitting." 

Sly admitted: "If we walked into a party we’d be staring at each other for a few seconds and then ‘I gotta get that guy. He didn’t do anything wrong but he will.’"

In the TMZ Presents: Arnold & Sly: Rivals, Friends, Icons interview, which has aired in the US, Schwarzenegger said (via People) that he was "the one who started this whole thing... by opening up my mouth, saying stupid things, being competitive."

These days, the two big stars are mates, with Predator star Schwarzenegger saying: “I wish I could be as passionate about things as he is."

Meanwhile, Rambo icon Stallone said Arnie is “very organised, very calculated, very thoughtful. I’m not, and he’s right, I’m very emotional and I tend to be swayed and things can upset logic quite often. And that’s when you make mistakes, when your heart overwhelms your brain."

Arnold visited Virgin Radio at the end of 2023 to talk about the release of his new book, Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life. Joining the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar, he revealed: “Everyone said, ‘Oh, your accent will never work. You will never become a leading man. Your name is too long. Your body is too big’. I mean, all kinds of excuses.”

The Twins actor told Chris: “I didn't listen to the naysayers.”

He explained: “I became the first guy that had an accent and made it in the movie business, and made it big.”