Celebrity Big Brother's David Potts opens up about house insults and divisive Louis Walsh

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10 Apr 2024, 10:27

David Potts and Louis Walsh

Credit: ITV

Celebrity Big Brother winner David Potts has opened up about his show experience and given his thoughts on the divisive Louis Walsh.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain this morning (10th April), the reality TV star who will soon be launching his new podcast The David Potts Show spilled the beans on all things CBB 2024.

Starting by describing his reaction to his win last month, Potts shared: “I really didn’t think I was going to win. When it came to the final, I had it in my head that Nikita was going to win so when it was just us two, I was like ‘Right, Nikita’s got this’. So when they called my name out, I was just gobsmacked.”

While he eventually won the show, Potts' time on CBB began with him becoming the first contestant to be nominated for eviction on the show after Sharon Osbourne chose him as the housemate who had made the worst first impression.

But the Ibiza Wekeender star seemed full of forgiveness for this on GMB. “To be honest, I would have been more surprised if I wasn’t put up for eviction first,” he revealed. “When we knew it was based on worst first impression, I do get that quite a lot.

“I get pre-judged quite a lot. People just hear the loud mouth and see the long legs and think ‘this is all too much’ but I backed myself enough as a person as I knew I was going to win them over,” he added confidently.

On the subject of winning people over, Potts also gave his interpretation of his former housemate Louis Walsh’s behaviour in the house, which thoroughly divided fans watching at home.

“Louis was very panto villain,” the CBB winner claimed. “It was all tongue and cheek and very much wink wink nudge nudge. He would say stuff to you and then wink.

“He was like a producer - he was a producer, cast member and a viewer,” Potts added. “If he thought something was funny, after he would go ‘You were good in that’.

“I thought he was lovely,” he continued. “Our beds were next to each other so I used to speak to him quite a lot when I first woke up and when I was going to bed and he was sound.”

The two have yet to reconnect after leaving the house, however. “I haven’t given him my number yet because I don’t want him mithering me!” Potts explained. “I just thought I would leave him for now. I just need a couple of weeks to re-group first.”

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