Race Across The World married couple 'cried all the time' during 'exhausting’ journey

Virgin Radio

10 Apr 2024, 08:44

Race Across The World, contestants Steven and Viv

Credit: BBC

Race Across The World’s latest series begins tonight (Wednesday 10th April) and for one of the travelling pairs, the journey was almost too much. 

This year, the intrepid explorers will travel through Eastern Asia in a 15,000 kilometre race across several countries. 

Starting in northernmost Japan, the teams will cross six seas and eight borders, skirting the path of the volcanic ring of fire - the most geologically unstable region on the planet - before arriving at the finish line in Indonesian island Lombok.

The teams include mother and daughter Brydie and Sharon, and a second mother and daughter, Eugenie and Isabel. Best pals Alfie and Owen are another team, as are married couple Stephen and Viv. The line-up is completed by brother and sister, Betty and James.

Speaking to virginradio.co.uk and other press ahead of tonight’s launch, married couple Stephen and Viv revealed that the journey proved so “physically exhausting” that they ended up “crying” for much of their time on the trail. 

Stephen told us: “The whole thing is not just physically exhausting, because it’s tiring, the long days, but add in the emotional layers and the things that make it so complex. We just blubbed for the first three weeks, we just cried all the time. 

“We were just exhausted and it's genuinely a race. It's not a holiday,” he continued. 

Retired couple Steve and Viv decided now was the perfect time to take part in the series after deciding they had “a big adventure left.” 

Series fan Viv explained: “We were just watching [Race Across The World] and we both looked at each other and we've watched every episode beforehand. They often said if you want to apply but in that particular episode, we just looked at each other and said, ‘oh, we can do this. I think we can do that.’ 

“It's at the time of our lives. I think that if we didn't do it now, I don't think in a few years time that we would maybe have the inclination to do it. I think it was just the perfect timing for us.”

With no smartphones, internet access or bank cards to help them along their way, the five teams on Race Across The World will be pushed to their physical and emotional limits as they attempt to outsmart and outpace the other competitors.

Only one team can emerge victorious, but who will finish first and claim the very tasty £20,000 cash prize? We will find out over eight hour-long episodes.

The new series of Race Across the World premieres on Wednesday 10th April, 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.