Ricky Wilson admits he has NEVER seen this massive TV show

Virgin Radio

10 Apr 2024, 07:11

Ricky Wilson presenting his Drivetime show on Virgin Radio UK.

Virgin Radio’s Ricky Wilson has admitted to never having seen one of the most popular shows on telly, and has revealed what he likes to watch instead.

The Kaiser Chiefs’ frontman was talking on his Virgin Radio UK Drivetime show when he told listeners: “Lord Sugar is in trouble because he doesn’t want people to go to the loo.”

This came in reference to a news story in The Sun which reports that contestants at the ‘post-task grilling’ on hit BBC show The Apprentice aren’t allowed to pop to the toilet once the doors are closed.

“Apprentice hopefuls are banned from doing their business once they enter the boardroom, it’s being claimed,” Ricky said. “So, once you're behind closed doors, and it can last for hours, those grillings, you're not allowed to go for a wee.”

He added: “I think that's fine. That's what business is like. You can't be going, ‘Sir, can I go to the loo?’ all the time. It's the hard-cutting business world.”

It was then that the singer and radio presenter admitted: “I've never seen an episode of The Apprentice. I can't lie to you. And I don't know what it's about. I know it's a load of people who you watch because you don't like them, and you enjoy not liking them. And that's why you watch it.” 

He continued: “That's why I watch Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr, my favourite programme!

“I like some of them. I like watching the people I don't like more than I like, and I bet they're allowed to go to the toilet as much [as they want]. I think they even go when they don’t need it!”

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The Apprentice airs Thursdays at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.