Eddy's Good News: The kindness of a stranger and a 12-year-old's invention for his grandma

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24 Jan 2024, 16:06

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Wednesday 24th January 2024

Here’s a lovely story from the skies between New Jersey and Mexico and the kindness of a stranger on a plane that’s gone viral as a piece of heartwarming good news. Say hello to Kelly and Jake who were nervous about taking their 5-month-old daughter on a plane for the first time. Their daughter Romey was actually fine on the plane because she was absolutely transfixed by their seat neighbour, Meegan Rubin, who was crocheting.

Meegan noticed that the wool she was using matched little Romey’s outfit, so her crocheting intensified as a plan crystallised in her head and Romey’s fascination grew.

At the end of the flight Meegan presented the couple with a freshly crocheted beanie hat that matched Romey’s clothes perfectly and they couldn’t believe she’d spent the whole flight making something for their baby's inaugural flight! The video of the crocheted hat being gifted has captured the hearts and minds of the world, it’s crossed the 8 million views mark and will probably be past 10 million by the time you hear this!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Hemesh Chadalavada family photo

Isn’t it wonderful when kids invent stuff that changes the lives of adults? It’s happened again as we meet the inspiring young Indian student, Hemesh, who was just 12 years old when in 2018 he noticed his beloved grandma making a cup of tea but leaving the gas on.

She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's a year previously and the mental slide had been more of a fall off a cliff, she sadly died last year but not before her adoring grandson who is a total tech head and obsessed with robotics had designed a wearable monitor for her. It’s a badge, because apparently watches are often removed because they're so noticeable and often uncomfortable and the badge can alert your family if you wander off, or fall over, and with tech getting smaller and smaller, they’ll soon be able to put a CO2/gas detector in there!

Teenager Hemesh, still at school, won a Samsung sponsored science fair with the idea and has been given a £100,000 grant to develop it and to be mentored by some of their best engineers. He’s even won their praise of India’s prime minister who took to Twitter to voice his admiration.

Hemesh finishes his exams in March, then he hopes to get his badge monitor into the marketplace by September.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org