All of Us Strangers' Claire Foy admits 'millions and millions' of tears were shed on set

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24 Jan 2024, 13:03

Credit: Rex / Searchlight Pictures

With All of Us Strangers set to land in cinemas this week, the movie’s stars have walked the red carpet at the UK Gala Screening.

Stars including Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal and Claire Foy were in attendance at the BFI Southbank in London last night (23rd January), along with writer and director Andrew Haigh, and was there to speak to them all.

All of Us Strangers follows the emotional story of lonely screenwriter Adam (played by Fleabag star Scott) as he begins a relationship with his mysterious neighbour Harry (played by Normal People’s Mescal) and deals with the sudden appearance of the ghosts of his long-lost parents, Jamie Bell and Claire Foy.

When asked how many tears were shed on set, Claire told and other press: “Millions and millions. All of them mine! I think, not so many on camera for me. But I definitely felt all the feelings off camera.” 

Speaking from the red carpet, The Crown star added: “I think watching these performances was incredibly special and a real honour and something I'll cherish forever. So, I made the most of it by crying basically, the majority of the time.”

Talking to and other press at the event director Andrew Haigh concurred, saying: “There were a lot of tears on set. From me and from the actors, obviously, but also just from members of the crew. 

“You would finish a scene and you’d turn around and there'd be some big, strong electrician with a tear running down his face! So I kind of sensed that it was doing something to people even when we were shooting it.”

Meanwhile, lead actors Scott and Mescal told us that they “never worried” about their onscreen chemistry. Read all about it here.

All of Us Strangers will be released in cinemas on Friday 26th January.