Stephen Mulhern reveals how long he’s hosting Dancing On Ice – and is STILL bruised from his Ricky Hatton punch

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24 Jan 2024, 12:04

Stephen Mulhern reveals how long he’s hosting Dancing On Ice – and is STILL bruised from his Ricky Hatton punch

Credit: Rex / ITV

Stephen Mulhern has opened up about how long he's fronting Dancing On Ice for — and that he’s still injured from THAT punch courtesy of Ricky Hatton.

He told The Sun exclusively: “I'm definitely doing the whole series. Of course, next year I'd love to do it.

The presenter added: “Also bizarrely out of all the shows Strictly, I'm A Celeb, if I was a contestant I've always wanted to go on that. Because I've always wanted to ice skate.”

He continued: "That's why the show is so enjoyable. Dancing On Ice, anyone can fall over. Not to say I like it when people fall over. But it is quite funny... so yeah I really enjoy that.

Stephen Mulhern and Holly Willoughby

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“There's not many shows out there where you get to do live TV and also I get to do a show with Holly which I haven't done in so long.

“I trust Holly and she trusts me. We're having a really nice time. You know, having stood in once - which is also quite weird that it's gone full circle - I'm loving it."

Still injured from his set-up Ricky Hatton smack which went slightly wrong, he admitted: "I said to Ricky, do us a favour... Holly will say to you 'just punch him Ricky', which she said off the cuff initially and I said 'we should do that live'.

"Obviously I forgot he's a three time world champion boxer."

Dancing On Ice

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Stephen added: "He nearly knocked me out. If I showed you the bruise, it is massive. It's on the arm, it's very painful."

On hosting the show alongside his friend Holly Willoughby, he said: "To be working with Holly again is a dream, when we first started presenting together... last Wednesday was 20 years when we first started presenting together. What I find amazing is when Phil [Schofield] wasn't too well with Covid, I never thought I would actually get the job, so it's been amazing.

"And also because it's live, anything can happen."

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He continued: "The reaction has been amazing and it's always that fear isn't it, that it won't go as well as we expect it to go.

"But the response has been beautiful. Even this morning, there have been so many people coming up saying that we get on so well.

"And I think the good thing is, is that all we have to be is ourselves. And it's just been a good time."