The Inbetweeners star says he'd like cast to reunite for something new

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12 Sep 2023, 13:53

James Buckley and The Inbetweeners cast

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The Inbetweeners’ James Buckley has revealed he’d love for the cast of the hit series to reunite - but not necessarily to work on anything related to their original show.

“What I’d love is to get together with the boys and do something different,” the 36-year-old revealed during an interview with Heat magazine.

“Maybe still with a whiff of the Inbetweeners,” he added, although his focus was more on simply wanting to get the team working together again. 

“We all make each other laugh and enjoy being around each other. So that would be great,” James said.

In the interview, the actor who is also a musician and YouTuber admitted he and his former Inbetweeners castmates Simon Bird, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas are often too busy to spend much time together these days.

“We don’t see each other that often,” he said. “It’s crazy because we spent so much time together in the past, so when we do see each other now we just want to catch up.”

James, who recently launched a new podcast with his wife Clair called ‘In Sickness and In Health’, seemed interested in the idea of inviting his old friends on for a chat, but also expressed reservations.

“I don’t know if people would enjoy listening to that, boring blokes just catching up,” he wondered.

On the topic of whether an Inbetweeners reunion would happen soon, he added: “I don’t think so, there’s no plans and we’ve never discussed it.”

The Inbetweeners aired on E4 from 2008 to 2010, and also led to two films hitting theatres: The Inbetweeners Movie in 2011 and The Inbetweeners 2 in 2014.

A retrospective look at the show called Fwends Reunited aired to mark the show’s tenth anniversary in 2018, but was negatively received by fans.

In 2019, James himself said on his podcast Completed It Mate that the show was a “disaster” which led to him feeling “as disappointed as everyone else” when it aired.