Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick shares three things our pets teach us

Virgin Radio

12 Sep 2023, 13:18

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick at Virgin Radio.

When Noel Fitzpatrick visited Virgin Radio, he spoke about three things that animals have taught him throughout his life.

As well as joining the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about his new Beyond Supervet UK tour, he took a moment to impart some wisdom.

"I'm here to give you the three top things that animals have taught me throughout my life, which is in fact, the theme of my new show," he told us. 

"And those three things are love, respect and kindness, my friends. Love, respect and kindness."


"I met Chris [Evans] a very long time ago through his dog. And that love has lasted for 20 plus years. Love with the animals that we have in our families is unconditional. They don't judge you. They're like heart stents through your heart, bypassing all of the other nonsense that happens in life. And that's pure love right there."


"They really do teach us how to respect each other. I'll give you a quick example. Imagine your neighbour has parked on your drive. And you're really angry with him because he's done this a lot of times. You walk through your front door, you've had a really bad day at work. He's parked in your driveway again. I know you're really angry now. ’George! I hate George.’ [You] walk through the door and your new six-month-old puppy is there to greet you, except in the distance you see slippers which have been chewed. Forgiveness, two-and-a-half seconds as that puppy jumps into your arms. George never forgiven. Let's respect my friends. Respect and forgiveness, right there." 


"Animals teach us kindness because they wrap us in love and they allow us to be ourselves. They lick our faces even when we're sweaty. In fact, they probably prefer that we are sweaty. They like you a little bit smelly. I have found this, although I wouldn't advocate it.

"And what I think that those three things teach us about life is having an animal in your life will keep you calm, will keep you loved, will keep you safe, will keep you respected and will keep you feeling kind."

While chatting to Chris Evans, Noel recalled some of the emotional experiences he has had with pets and their families. He also spoke about how wanting to be like Queen icon Brian May actually led to him becoming a vet

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