Succession's Brian Cox & the BBC only need £79 to turn you into an award winning actor

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12 Sep 2023, 11:32

Brian Cox

Credit: Getty/IMDb

Brian Cox is set to appear as part of the BBC's Maestro course, for as little as £79, you could start your path towards becoming a millionaire A-lister.

Brian Cox, widely known for his role as Logan Roy in the critically acclaimed series Succession, is set to share his wealth of acting experience as part of the BBC's Maestro online education initiative.

In his course, simply titled Acting, Cox will delve into the intricacies of delivering award-winning performances, capturing and maintaining an audience's attention, and effectively embodying a diverse array of iconic characters.

This educational offering will follow the Maestro format, with practical exercises aimed at helping aspiring actors hone their skills for both stage and screen.

Cox's course will cover a range of essential topics, including character development, script analysis, and the fundamental techniques necessary to excel in auditions.

Furthermore, the curriculum will provide valuable insights from a casting director and feature a practical workshop guided by Cox himself.

A distinguished actor with classical training, Brian Cox is a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Beyond his portrayal of the formidable Logan Roy, his performances in various roles, such as Hermann Göring in Nuremberg, detective inspector Nelson in Rat in the Skull, and the titular character in Titus Andronicus, have earned him an impressive array of accolades.

His honours include an Emmy, a Golden Globe Award, two BAFTAs (British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards), and two Olivier Awards.

Cox's approach to acting emphasises the importance of script analysis and understanding, he said: “As an actor, you’re there to interpret the script. It’s only by examining, and fully understanding, the script that you can then have the freedom to develop an intuitive style and deliver every line with authenticity. I hope the advice I share will help you find your place within the industry and provide the skills needed for a decades-spanning career."

The BBC Maestro online education platform, which launched in October 2020, has featured courses from a diverse range of accomplished individuals.

Brian Cox joins the ranks of esteemed course instructors, including Alan Moore, Billy Connolly, Carol Ann Duffy, Doreen Lawrence, Edgar Wright, Gary Barlow, Jancis Robinson, Jed Mercurio, Jojo Moyes, Julia Donaldson, Ken Follett, Lee Child, and others.

For those interested in honing their acting skills under the guidance of Brian Cox, his course will be made available later this year.

Individual Maestro courses are priced at £79, and annual subscriptions are offered at £120.