My Mum Your Dad viewers share emotional reactions after divisive first episode

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12 Sep 2023, 10:32

My Mum Your Dad cast and poster

Credit: ITV/@mymumyourdaduk Twitter

My Mum, Your Dad viewers reacted in a variety of ways after ITV aired the show’s first episode on Monday.

The new Davina McCall fronted dating show which the star herself branded ‘midlife Love Island’ had some fans in tears, but others were less sold on the programme which sees single parents with emotional backstories move into a house together to look for a second chance at love.

“Forget Love Island this is bloody brilliant,” one fan wrote on social media as the show aired. “I cried, laughed and just loved every moment,” they also added.

“Hooked!!! Loving it,” another fan said in response to a post about the show from Davina McCall. “[There’s] something really heartwarming about it,” a third said on X (formerly Twitter).

Viewers had a lot to say in response to one moment in the show which saw single dad Roger open up to a potential partner about the sudden death of his wife.

“Brought me to welling up… so tough for him,” one person said. “Just wanna give him a hug!!” another added.

Many also shared concern for the contestant as he and his daughter appeared so emotional during the episode.

“Both he and his daughter are grieving, tragic story. Not ready for relationship but think he’ll benefit from friendships,” one person suggested.

“His daughter said this is a way of giving him permission to meet someone. It’s not permission he needs it’s time, he is not ready,” another wrote on X.

One of the show’s big twists revolves around how the children who nominated their parents for the show end up playing a bigger role in deciding how their parents’ experience plays out than anyone was expecting.

This disappointed some fans, who felt involving the children in secret was unnecessary. “Wish the kids were not involved… leave it to the parents,” one person wrote on social media.

However, speaking about the show at an ITV event in August, Davina McCall called for viewers to keep watching the show to see how “proud” the parents can be of their children.

“The kids are phenomenally grown up and adult about it… they behave in a way that would make their parents so proud. It's lovely,” she said.

My Mum Your Dad continues on ITV1 and ITVX at 9pm every weeknight for two weeks.