Noel Fitzpatrick tells Chris Evans how attending a Harry Styles gig led to him saving a cat's leg

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12 Sep 2023, 08:45

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When Noel Fitzpatrick joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about his upcoming new Beyond Supervet UK tour, he spoke about an encounter he had at a Harry Styles concert.

The Supervet’s tour kicks off on the 29th September in Folkestone, and will feature fun and fascinating insights into the things Noel has learned from the thousands of animals he has helped over the years.

Speaking about some of the “funny things that happen in life,” which are featured in the show, Noel recalled something that occurred while he was at a gig.

“I was at a Harry Styles concert, because I love my music, and I'm trying to keep a low profile,” he told Chris. “I'm surrounded by screaming girls and they’re going mental, mental, mental, mental. Anyway, this lady taps me on the shoulder and goes ‘You’re the Supervet!’

“And I go, ‘Let's just keep our eyes on the prize. I don't exist here,’ and she screams, ‘My cats gonna lose his leg next week.’ I just turned to her and I go, ‘No, he's not’.” 

Noel continued: “So, it turns out, I met this girl at this Harry Styles gig. Her cat is literally going to have his leg amputated the following Wednesday. I meet her on the Saturday night, or the Friday night. He comes to see me the following week, we save his leg.”

And, as well as being a happy ending for the cat, things also worked out well for the Supervet, because the lady had friends in high places. “Harry Styles sends me a vinyl record, signed, to say thanks for saving the pussycat,” he revealed. “Because it turns out she's the sister of Harry's drummer!” 

Noel’s new children’s book, The Superpets (and Me!) will be released on the 14th September, and he also has a Christmas story, Keira & Me, out in October. During his chat with Chris, he spoke more about the tour, and spoke of some emotional encounters with pets and their families.

He also revealed how him wanting to be Brian May when he was a child, actually led to him becoming a vet. Read about it here.

The Beyond Supervet Tour begins Friday 29th September. Tickets are available now at

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